Wesley Gonzalez



Saturday 22.10.22


Jacobs Rooftop Gallery

When it comes to songwriting, Wesley Gonzalez has always been a rule maker. After spending a near decade making a name for himself as the enigmatic leader of sharp-witted London lo-fi rock trio Let’s Wrestle, Gonzalez decided to go it alone, releasing his debut double-sided single I Spoke To Euan/Come Through And See Me in 2016. Expanding from the guitar-driven music of his former band, Gonzalez cultivates an interesting concoction of classic 70’s-influenced pop and indie rock. Translating his undeniable pop smarts from the scuzz of rough lo-fi to the rich production of mid-70’s funk & soul, it’s clear that when it came to writing his latest album, Wax Limousine, Gonzalez had grown tired of rules.