Sŵn Playlist

It’s always difficult to whittle down all of the line-up’s music into a playlist that doesn’t last all day. However, we always love putting together the Sŵn playlist. It really shows off the breadth of artists that’ll be making their way to our beautiful city this Autumn.

From the tenderness of [tf_popup link=”” text=”#e31687″]Bill Ryder-Jones[/tf_popup] the epic cosmic jazz of [tf_popup link=”” text=”#e31687″]The Comet is Coming[/tf_popup], the addictive R&B of [tf_popup link=”” text=”#e31687″]Easy Life[/tf_popup] and the fearsomely euphoric [tf_popup link=”” text=”#e31687″]Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs[/tf_popup].

It really has it all.

[tf_popup link=”” text=”#e31687″]Last year[/tf_popup]’s playlist reached a whopping 11 hours 26 minutes by the time we announced the final wave of artists. 2019’s playlist is already over half way there on an incredible 6 hours 24 minutes, after just one wave of artist announcements!

Maybe we got a bit carried away, but there are just too many great records to not go a bit overboard when choosing.

We’re sure this number will grow as many of the artists release their albums, singles and EP’s over the next few months.

These include:

[tf_popup link=”” text=”#e31687″]Skinny Pelembe[/tf_popup]
Dreaming is Dead Now’ Album
Out May 24th

[tf_popup link=”” text=”#e31687″]Trudy and The Romance[/tf_popup]
Sandman’ Album
Out May 24th

[tf_popup link=”” text=”#e31687″]Bess Atwell[/tf_popup]
‘Big Blue’ EP
Out May 24th

[tf_popup link=”” text=”#e31687″]Kidsmoke[/tf_popup]
‘She Takes You Under’ Single
Out May 29th

[tf_popup link=”” text=”#e31687″]Gwilym[/tf_popup]
‘Neidia’ Single
Out May 31st

[tf_popup link=”” text=”#e31687″]Rosehip Teahouse[/tf_popup]
Growth’ Single
Out June 14th

[tf_popup link=”” text=”#e31687″]Feet[/tf_popup]
What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham’ Album
Out August 2nd

[tf_popup link=”” text=”#e31687″]Happy listening![/tf_popup]