Joe & The Shit Boys

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Saturday 22.10.22


The Moon

Bisexual vegans Joe & The Shitboys deliver riotous gutpunches via brief and catchy punk anthems. Formed with the intention of calling out the homophobic, meat-eating misogynists that make up the rock scene in the conservative Faroe Islands, Joe & The Shitboys take their aim at general vibe-killers everywhere. The band’s live performances are full of energy, bombarding audiences with a barrage of songs often under a minute long, broken up by flamboyant frontman Joe relentlessly roasting crowd members. They have played at multiple venues, including DIY gigs in public toilets, underground tunnels, museums, skate parks and on rooftops. The response to their show at Icelandic Airwaves led to them being recognised as ones to watch by NME 100: Essential Emerging Artists list, as well as bookings from major festivals and a long-awaited UK tour in September 2021, following the release of their second album The Reson For Hardcore Vibes (2).