Exclusive: New Kim Hon Single

With the release of their debut single ‘Twti Ffrwti’ last May, KIM HON were introduced as a poetic kaleidoscope of bright musical colours. Colours the band brashly painted around them to create their unique universe. ‘Twti Ffrwti’ hardly left our airwaves, becoming the song to soundtrack the long summer days and nights with its baggy dance groves and hypnotic lyrics. WHERE NEXT we hear you ask? possessing SFA pop nomadic wanderlust and LCD Soundsystem post-punk dance smart the band could take us anywhere…..This brings us to ‘Nofio Efo’r Fishis’ a song that refuses to let go, a blanket of stars pulled over our heads, nostalgia, 90s kits TV, everyday banality crumbling under a hurricane of vivid dreams. 

Catch them at Sŵn Festival on Sunday 20th October.