Eädyth & Izzy Rabey

Eädyth & Izzy Rabey


Saturday 22.10.22


Tiny Rebel

Twinkling keys roll over soothing bass and flawlessly harmonised bilingual vocals forming tranquil, fluid melodies with bouncing hip-hop beats. Eädyth + Izzy Rabey blend calm, electronic R&B vibes with flowing rap segments curating gentle, emotive, easy-listening compositions. The collaboration between Eädyth & Izzy Rabey is one that just makes sense. The soulful Welsh pair have had separate successes, with Eädyth achieving multiple radio plays, as well as landing a spot in Welsh artist development scheme, Forté Project, and Izzy Rabey having just completed a summer of festivals with bilingual, Welsh queer duo The Mermerings.