Tender Prey, aka Laura Bryon, is a Cardiff based musician who mixes garage blues, girl group clangs and lo-fi grooves, to create pocket melodies to dance, drink and wrestle to. Her debut album ‘Organ Calzone’ came out on Bird Records/Finders Keepers in May 2015. It was nominated for the 2015 Welsh Music Prize.

She joins the Swn lineup ahead of a full-band UK tour with The Lovely Eggs, debuting songs from her forthcoming second LP that promises to deliver her own rowdy brand of sweet and sour weird-pop. 

‘The Welsh songwriters personality is all over Organ Calzone, which trade in sharp lyrical observations and the sort of angular guitar lines not heard since Franz Ferdinand in their pomp.UNCUT

Packed with great hooks and teasing details, this is one of the most assured and compelling debuts I’ve heard in a long time.’ The Quietus

‘At times sounding like Shonen Knife at their spikiest, the ramshackle garage guitar coupled with the upbeat but slightly twisted vocals make for an album that’s exuberant and a little bit crazed’ Whisperin’ and Hollerin’

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