London’s Strong Asian Mother’s blend of styles and emphatic live show has been making waves on London’s underground gig scene for a while and now the band are about to step firmly into the limelight.

Best friends since their early years, Amer, Kalim and Josh have played in bands together throughout their childhoods but it was under Strong Asian Mothers that they really found their strength. Tying together influences from Hip Hop and Trap with Pop in a live band aesthetic really sets this band out all on their own path.

If in the studio these three excel, then on the stage is where they truly come into their own. A string of headline spots for Communion has cemented their reputation as one of the country’s most exciting and promising live acts. Blending electronic and live elements they seamlessly bridge the gap between gig and club to really bring the party.

Now with their debut ‘Lynx Africa’ EP ready for release imminently, Bestival, Secret Garden Party and The Great Escape already confirmed, Strong Asian Mothers are start- ing 2016 with a real statement of intent.

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