It is rare that a new artist has such a vision for their debut project that it captures both serene beauty and intelligent, captivating songwriting at the same time.  With an instantly recognisable vocal that will linger in your memory for days on end, it is looking to be a very bright future for the 25 year old from Kent, UK.

Shells is well travelled, having been born in the rural countryside in Kent, UK she soon followed her Fathers job to Japan, where she grew up and completed early schooling in Osaka. Returning to the UK for secondary school, she then completed a degree in contemporary music before heading off to Ghana and South Africa to learn more about world music. it was upon this trip that Shells first learnt of the Cora, the African Harp. Upon her return to England she purchased one from a small shop in Brighton and started writing and producing her own music. A blend of haunting melodies, stunning choruses and intricate production all just scratch the surface of what she achieves within her music.

Within a few months, Shells had a collection of music written and demoed from her home studio and soon caught the attention of numerous people across the music industry.  So focussed on her vision, Shells turned down a plethora record deals – citing that she wanted to keep complete control over the launch of her project. Some may call it an exciting and brave feat – but not Shells, she is more confident than ever, and ready to unleash what is set to be one of the most hotly sought after artists in 2016, very soon.

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