The ever-reliable Urban Dictionary defines a “dingus khan” as a person whose actions call into question their mental capacity and/or a monstrously large penis… A description so apt, it almost renders obsolete any need for a press release.
Dingus Khan are sweaty, swan-bothering border folk from the Stour, signed on the strength of their first demo to Fierce Panda, who obviously recognised them as spiritual successors to former label-mates Coldplay and Keane.

Dingus Khan cemented their position with debut album and Artrocker record-of-the-month, Support Mistley Swans, and spent the next four years building a word-of-mouth reputation as one of the best live acts in the country. They have been invited on to the bill to play with Wolf Alice and Future of the Left and are Keith Allen’s Latitude house band, with a third festival appearance lined-up for July 2016.

This summer, the band release new single My Number and long-awaited second album Dunce Kap.

“Dingus Khan is not so much a band, but a circus of chaos… a hooligan chorus of droogs and transvestites on a Bacchanalian rampage… Mick Squalor pauses mid-song to swallow and regurgitate six raw eggs and stands at the front, looking pleased with himself. Distorted under the stage lights, he drips with sweat, yolk and saliva, like a half-melted Ed Sheeran waxwork abandoned in a skip.”

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