Castles’ music exists somewhere betwixt and between Syd Barrett, Os Mutantes and Ennio Morricone, a delightfully tripped out, voodoo groove, the perfect soundtrack for a slightly off kilter, independent move set in the northern Welsh mountains. Brothers Dion and Cynyr Hamer formed the band back in 2008. They’ve subsequently been joined by Calvin Thomas on bass.

Their demo releases – and their brilliant, recent deuce singles sung in Welsh (‘Argau’ and ‘Ar Agor’) won them airplay and hyperbole on 6Music, BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru. Castles are a finger the eye of those dullards who think they’ve heard it all before, that pop and rock music is trapped in an ever decreasing circle of old ideas being recycled and passed off as something new.

Somewhat ironically, given the monumental and historical implications of their name, Castles sound like the future.