Bad Breeding are from STEVENAGE:

“Silent for its size, and sinister in the dullest degree. The quietest little dwellings with the largest of window-shutters to shut up nothing as if it were the Bank of England.” Charles Dickens, 1861

“They built new towns, and Stevenage was the first. But it also brought in large numbers of people from the colonies, to Britain. Now, I say the colonies because my mother came from Barbados, but she came with a British passport. And she arrived to be a nurse and to build the NHS. So her arrival in Britain was very much part of the same, government-led effort that Stevenage was. We were what the Irish call “blow-ins”; We just kind of “blew-in” from all over. The town felt planned; colour coded so that you knew where you were. You didn’t even have to ask where the toilets were at other people’s houses because all the houses were designed the same.”
Gary Younge, 2012

Between May 2010 and September 2011 increase in unemployment for 18 to 24 year olds in Stevenage rose by 132%, one of the highest increases in the UK.

More Stevenage teenagers are getting pregnant than anyone else in the country according to the Office for National Statistics.

However, the number of conceptions there has fallen by when compared to statistics from 2011, when the town again recorded the highest rate in the country.

If you ever happen to actually be in Stevenage, Trip Advisor recommends Laser Kombat Park, giving it 4.5 stars. The Surma Tandoori serves onion bhajis that are, somewhat suspiciously, about the size of a large rat.

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