Hailing from rural Wales Ailsa grew up with a background in classical music and a keen interest in traditional folk. With a move to South East London to study popular music, Ailsa has worked to create a unique cello playing style that involves complex finger picking and rhythmic strumming, moving away from conventional cello playing styles and techniques. Exploring a diverse range of influences, such as jazz, classical music, medieval music and folk, she has a created a personal sonic world that draws upon these different styles.

The band consists of flute, clarinet, piano, electric guitar, auto-harp, drum/ percussion, five part harmonies, and folk-inflected melody lines. Ailsa has been featured on BBC radio Wales many times, toured Italy, performed at festivals and venues throughout the country, including Greenman and Ronnie Scotts, and completed a degree in popular music, don’t miss Ailsa and her magnificent band!

‘I can’t tell you how excited I got when I heard this… inexplicable transcendental excellence’ 
– Adam Walton on ‘Feathered friend’ (BBC Introducing Wales)

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